The Creation of the Falls at Ti’lomikh

for the Takelma People & the Salmon of the Rogue River

Long ago, a magical force was directed through the precise line-up of two volcanoes with Mount Ashland, sculpting the bedrock of the Rogue River into a deep pool where the Salmon could gather before waiting to leap the falls.  This made it an ideal fishing spot for the humans that the Ancient Ones knew were coming.  The Wise Spirits could not stick around, so they wanted to help us out the best they could, using Mount Ashland to focus the power of Mount Shasta and Mount Lassen.

This is an ancient Creation Story that was lost because of the Genocide.

We would not know it if an Osprey had not flown over the beginning of a Blessing Mount Ashland ceremony, telling someone who had heard about local ley lines to tell why a Fish Hawk coming from the direction of Mount Shasta would be flying so high out of its way.