Activation Ceremonies

The “Blessing Mount Ashland” Earth-based ceremonies that we have been doing since 2007 are now also being used to Activate the Osprey’s Path with simultaneous ceremonies at each of the four places along the way.  The most recent activation inspired lots of participation.

November 11, 2022:  1 Week ago — 7 SIMULTANEOUS CEREMONIES . . . we are so grateful!
Three “volunteer” ceremonies independently joined the original four: Suzy Chaffee in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico; Windsong Martin in Willams, Oregon, and Echo Miller & Miranda Starr at the overlook at Ti’lomikh Falls (the other Ti’lomikh ceremony was upstream, next to the river).

Sólo prayer on the Mount Lassen, Beautiful 🙌🙏🏼🙌
by She’om David Rose, New fallen snow an answer to our prayers as we weave a web of light along the Osprey’s path.
— A simple Ceremony. Just a little cedar, sage and a rattle singing the “Morning Song “
💙❄ MOUNT SHASTA CEREMONY, by Robin Houghton
“Although Flying Solo like our Brother the Eagle, I went to Military Pass Road, off of Highway 97, for The Osprey’s Path Ceremony yesterday afternoon, 11/13/22. I burned sacred High Desert Sage, also ich-nish root to Honor the local Karuk tribe, Prayed, and ANCHORED the Mount Shasta Connection, climaxing with the Cherokee Morning Song that we Sing Together, along the Ley Line of the 4 Points of Power, Mt Lassen, Mt Shasta, Mt Ashland, and Ti’lomikh Falls near Gold Hill in So. Oregon. A Privilege & a Powerful HONOR in my Life to Participate & Hold this Sacred Space!! BLESSINGS upon my Brother Robert Brothers ~ BOBCAT ~ who Created this Ceremony, and upon ALL the Medicine People who Anchored the other 3 Sacred Sites that I mentioned!!
YOOTVA ECRIVA ! ! ! 🙏🔥❤️💛💜🏔💥
Photo of Mount Shasta where Robin was, taken Sunday from the next Mountain down the Path, Mount Ashland, by one of the leaders of that ceremony, Meredith McFadden












❄️🤸🏾‍♀️💫💦🦅🦢🙏🏽💦🌹❤️ what an incredibly perfect blessing in prayer, our beloved Mount Ashland (Alkehtah)!!!!! thank you all so very very much❄️❄️❄️🕊️

– by Meredith McFadden. Also offering prayers were JayaEagleHeart Opela, Albert Pepe, Earl & David Huitt and family, Naomi Kerongo, Danny Gregg, Deborah Wilder, Lloyd Bard, and Betsy

Meredith McFadden, photo by Jaya Eagle Heart Opela
Echo Miller writes: It was a gorgeous day with a vibrant sunset. I was joined by my Husband Lee Miller and 3 of our daughters. My cuzzin Miranda Starr and her husband joined us. We gathered were we could stand on the edge of the cliff and send our voices out to the waterfall. At the story telling stone. We prayed with sage, sweet grass, bear root and sang many songs. We were blessed to see a set of rafters go down the raging falls. We pounded the drum with excitement and they joined in with their oars for the happiness of their safe passage. As we went to go up river to visit the other set of falls a sweet lady stopped by to pray with us for a moment. She let us know that they had gathered up the rd a little bit at a private property location. We did see a small amount of people heading to their cars as we drove by so we kept on our to up river. Where we enjoyed listening to the waterfalls sing its old songs 🎵 Today was a beautiful day, and we could feel the love from all 4 points. Thank u for letting us be part of these beautiful blessings 🙌 ✨ 💖
Echo Miller is Earl Huitt’s daughter 🙏❤️
The photo of Echo Miller is from a video by Miranda Starr that was posted as a comment on this post to my Timeline on 11/13/22
No photos yet. In attendance were JoyLove Robinsong, Tree Magda, Gwendolyn Terra, Louise Rouse, and others.

JoyLove told me that she felt inspired to go further out, more into the river than alongside it, so they found an outcropping. Someone needed to sit in a folding lawn chair, so they brought one out, and plonk, it fit exactly right in the min space available between the rocks. When they looked up, they saw an Osprey circling over where they knew the Story Chair must be (the place where the first Salmon to come up the river i s caught for the Salmon Ceremony). This seemed to them how Spirits might tell them they were in the right spot.

Windsong writes, “Dear Bobcat, I wanted to let you know that I met with my friend Anna Fornachon to pray at 1:11:11 on Sunday at the confluence of the East and West Forks of Williams Creek. We sat down by the creek with the beautiful sun shining on the golden leaves. We sang the Cherokee Morning song and several other songs to the water. We prayed for the water and gave thanks. While we were praying a huge Kingfisher cruised by going down the creek. It was a beautiful bird with powder blue wings. We appreciated all the other prayers being said in other locations. Anna had an Osprey feather that Neil had given her so she prayed with it to the Osprey’s though we did not see one. You can post this story if you like. Hope you are healing. Love Windsong”
A Water Blessing in synchrony with ours, at the sacred Falls at Quimixto near Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.
Suzy Chaffee writes, “Hope you all enjoyed magical multi-cultural ceremonies on your 3 magnificently
powerful mts, and sacred river site — on the wings of an Osprey.
“Three fellow Aztec dancers joined me in our solidarity ceremony with you all Sunday from the sacred Falls at Quimixto near Puerto Vallarta after our dance group celebrated Our Lady of Guadeloupe who appeared to an Aztec.
After leading a prayer I sang the sweet Algonquin Water Song: Women, Water Carriers & Protectors and when (l to r) Rafael Aramis, Vanessa Perez and Sitlatli joined the song we all ended up in tears from the wave of beautiful energy. Pure-spirited Vanessa gave me a piece of Copal resin since she said “You’ll put it to more great use.”
When I got home, I saw Olivia Ellis’ message: “I’ve been tuning into Bobcat’s ceremony for a couple of days. He has been zapping it big time!!! Yesterday I went under the big Pine and United with him.” Hallelujah to Mother Earth and you all!
“Let’s give Gratitude to all our Spirit Guides and each other, especially the children and women, who’ve been helping us restore our precious Native American Gift of Democracy and rights. Plus to Sec Vilsack’s for shifting to Native controlled burns, and now for COP27 adopting them and their/our snowdances as key to getting to 1.5C.
Peace and Luv, Suzy Chaffee”
Olympic Skier, activist for women, and for Native American skiing. For her work, please see
Suzy has been helping me with Snow Honoring ceremonies for many years. Few people know Snow like a Snow Dancer, and the Spirits recognize her.
In photo:
Suzy Chaffee, Rafael Aramis, Vanessa Perez and Sitlatli, l to r,

Here’s what they sang, “Algonquin Water Song: Women, Water Carriers & Protectors”,