Confirmation at Ti’lomikh, 5-29-2021

Joy Love created the altar at Blessing Mount Ashland when TOP was activated, and on May 29th decided to follow through in her own special way – she visited Ti’lomikh Falls.
“I sat down by the plaque honoring Grandma Aggie for bringing the Sacred Salmon Ceremony, and the original name, back to Ti’lomikh Falls. On the edge of the cliff with my legs dangling over and the water below the falls rushing swiftly under me. I invoked Grandma Aggie and begin talking with her about what is coming up in calling forth the Bear Women Council.
“When I was done speaking I began to sing with my drum. When I had sung three songs a large Osprey flew over my right shoulder, circled and flew upstream. She circled many, many times over the spot where the rapids pour into the deep pool formed by Spirit at the end of the Osprey’s Path, and then began to head back downstream. I was halfway into the fifth song, practically yelling at the top of my lungs over the roar of the water….. When the Osprey turned towards me and hovered for many moments no more than 20 feet over my head! I completed the rest of 11 songs in total oneness with the feelings of Ti’lomikh Falls, the Osprey, and Spirit. It was an incredible message from Spirit and directly from Grandma Aggie, I felt. Bless the Path of the Osprey. Ask for understanding and we shall receive. I love you.”
When we go to sacred places with open hearts, powerful things happen. Where will we go next, and who will be with us?

Ti’lomikh Falls, and the pool below the falls where the Osprey circled over. The Story Chair is on the right, covered by Willows. It’s where someone waited each year to catch the first Salmon with a dip net from the pool and begin the annual ceremony honoring these gifts.