Osprey Flyovers on the Rogue and Klamath Rivers, April 2023

Activation Day for The Osprey’s Path, April 29, 2023
Thanks to everyone for making this happen.  Such a good day!  Repeated Osprey Fly-overs at both places: when an Osprey flies right over us, goes away, and then comes back again on the day we have come to honor it, we know they are not simply looking for a meal.

1) Ti’lomikh Falls on the Rogue River (link this to story)

2) Klamath River (link this to story)

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 with  Beth’Ann Gipson and 4 Cow Creek Takelma women.  They were at a basket-weaving gathering by the Karuk, in the heart of the “Fix the World” people along the mighty Klamath River, from which the dams are soon coming down, opening up original habitat twice that existing to the specially prized, and threatened, Spring Salmon.

The Klamath River is one place in the world where Wovoka’s Ghost Dance Prophecy of Return is coming true. The sacred bird of the Yuroks on the coast, the Condor, have been brought back home in the last year. Tracked by a woman biologist, Condors were brought back from extinction via captive breeding many years ago. Restoration takes time, so it picks up momentum!

The photos below show the Ospreys who came by once, circled, and then came by again.

Left side — the Osprey at the Klamath River, along with Beth’Ann Gipson (l), with 2 of 4 other Cow Creek Takelma friends who witnessed it.

Right side — the Osprey at the Rogue River, at the Takelma village at Ti’lomikh Falls, with Echo Miller and Miranda Starr who witnessed it.