Flyovers at Ti’lomikh Falls, April 2023

3 Flyovers for 3 Families

When the three families first got to Ti’lomikh, they saw an Osprey down by the trees near the Falls.

At 1:11 pm, they started to sing The Cherokee Morning Song in unison with people singing the same song simultaneously at the three major mountains on The Osprey’s Path that point straight as an arrow to Ti’lomikh Falls.  Feeling the energy, prayers and songs went on for 20 minutes.  Miranda was happy to have been drumming. She had never drummed before she was inspired to do it at her first ceremony at Ti’lomikh last November.

The Osprey came by after they had finished their prayers.  When they were relaxing in the shade, talking about Grandma Aggie and how they could feel the spirits of the Grandmas there, then the Osprey came by.  Miranda’s video shows it circling over them three times.

The Osprey came back a bit later, and Miranda got it on video again, as it flew over, headed up river, dove down, made a big splash, and flew away.

Later, Miranda and Echo went walking around to get to know the place and think of where might be best to set up a lodge for a purification sweat lodge ceremony.

They looked up, and “There was a Raven flying with a little bird on its tail.  A little black and red bird was chasing the Raven, and booped it on its butt, lol!”

“I don’t usually find feathers, but I found two there, which was pretty cool”
There was lots of wildlife, Geese when they got there.  And an Otter!
“Nola, Echo’s littlest was there, and had been grumpy because she was teething.  Yet she was quiet during the whole ceremony, which was amazing.”

Miranda feels that, while they put out a lot of energy to get ready for and do the ceremony, “there was a lot of energy given back.  It was really amazing”
Miranda said that she was concerned, like we all are, with the need for restarting things once again.  She and Echo are very inspired about healing and fixing things that have been broken because ceremonies have not been happening.
“What we’ve been driven to do is light that fire in everybody again, getting community going again, getting ceremonies going again.”

Miranda Starr, as told to Bobcat, Friday, May 5, 2023

The 3 Families:
Echo Miller, Lee Miller, and children
Miranda Starr,
JoyLove Robinsong, with daughters Ziyeh Love and Shekhina Rose