Klamath River Flyovers, April 2023

~ Beth’Ann Gipson: “Myself and 4 other Cow Creek Umpqua ladies did join in for the Osprey’s Path Ceremony, in spirit @1:11 p.m. down at the beautiful Klamath river.  At that time, we joined in in prayer with our feet dipped in the water.
“Prayers for our ancestors and all related to the lands, the waters, the salmon, the 4-legged and the ones who watch over us dancing in the skies.
“1:11 p.m. is when it all started, I started to sing a Water Blessing song that was gifted to us by my friend Wendy Hawkes . Within 10 seconds a beautiful Osprey came out of the trees to dance over us. We smiled and continued, a few seconds later a 2nd large Osprey came out to join the other and ourselves, so many spiritual touchings, we cried with smiles ear to ear, and I pulled myself together to finish our blessing song.
“We felt the connection with all our ceremonial family at all the locations they were at: Ti’lomikh Falls, Mount Ashland, Mount Shasta, and Mount Lassen.  We look foward to bringing more into this beautiful ceremony.  As I speak about it with friends and family, we still get emotional.  The land heard us, and Osprey confirmed it.  We felt rich and whole all weekend with so many beautiful people.

“Many thanks to all at the Karuk gathering. Lots of hard work went into it.  I didn’t want to leave, I think they felt that haha, many many hugs. Even though we had some small unsettling moments with ticks and fire ants, but that’s for another day, haha. Many thanks to all that we joined in with on The Osprey’s Path.”

Note: The Ceremony began with a gift:
Beth’Ann Gipson, “I also found a new home for a 1900s Chinook basket that was gifted to me. I didn’t want to take this basket as the new owner, but that I was just part of its journey, as it is not a Cow Creek Umpqua basket. Then I come to find out that my friend, Stephanie Craig, has Cow Creek ancestry, but Grand Ronde enrolled, also has Chinook on her father’s side. So I gifted this beautiful basket that was once saved from a fire, to her… we hugged with so much love and gratitude. I know she will take great care of it.