Confirmation at My Home, 5-29 and 6-6-2021

The second confirmation happened on my birthday too.

On Saturday, May 29, at Ti’lomikh Falls and my home in the Klamath Mountains, Osprey’s circled and called to us, confirming the impact of our April 25th activation actions which were coordinated from the 15th Annual Blessing Mount Ashland multi-cultural Earth ceremony.

~ The first Osprey sighting at my home, ever, happened the same afternoon that the Osprey circled Joy Love at Ti’lomikh Falls.
I only learned about this when an Osprey showed up a second time, a week later, and Nathan was impressed enough to tell me about the first visit here on my lucky 77th birthday, May 29th.  Nate did not know it was my birthday.

He and his son Isaac were down by the river when he heard an Osprey calling, so he whistled back, teaching his son the call of the Fishhawk.

Then a week later, Nathan was in the garden and heard it calling again, just like he had before on my birthday.
So, like then, he whistled back, and the Osprey responded. The video begins with Nate whistling in response to the Osprey’s call, and we can see it rising up from the river in response. It flew high above the tall trees, did a bank turn, topside showing dark, wings bent, and then a long dive back down river, with a glint of white belly flashing as it flew on.
Since the Osprey seems to be sticking around, Tyler wonders if it may be building a nest. . . . to be continued.

Osprey rising up from the river, whistling back to Nate, headed downstream.  Video to be uploaded soon, hopefully 🙂