Mount Shasta

This map shows where The Osprey’s Path can be found where it intersects Highway 89 and Highway 97.

Mount Shasta is known world-wide.  Here are the local names, followed by the name of the language.
Ako Yet, Ajumawi
Buliyum Puyuuk, Winnemem Wintu
Úytaahkoo, Karuk
Wai-ika, Shasta

The yellow line of The Osprey’s Path (TOP) is drawn straight from the peak of Mount Lassen to the falls at Ti’lomikh.
This flat image from googleEarth shows the line being about 1 mile southwest of the peak of Mount Shasta. If the line was mapped on a curved Earth, like it really is, then it would go through the peak. The intersection of TOP with Hwy 97 is where Robin Houghton was on November 14, 2021, when we activated all four places on the path for the second time.