Salmon Ceremony, June 2, 2007

Nadine Martin cooking Salmon.  Her mom, Aggie Pilgrim, can be seen in back to the right, with the red dress, white hat, and blue apron, microphone in hand.

Admiring Nadine’s Salmon is Roseanna, daughter of the photographer for these photos, Lisa Widner

Marko Bey, founder of Lomakatsi Restoration Project, speaking with Stan Petrowski, forest activist

Albert Pepe from Ashland, and Reed May from California

Grandmother Agnes Baker Pilgrim, Taowhywee (Morning Star), oldest member of the Takelma Tribe at the Confederated Tribes of Siletz.  She is the Great-Niece of Frances Johnson (Chipmunk), who danced in the ceremonies here as a child in the 1850s, and returned in the 1930s with linguist John Harrington so he could show us where she had danced.

After the feast, Salmon skin and bones in their hands, the Divers wait to walk to the Falls, blessed by the Drummers.

Left to right on drum are ______, Rob Rahner, Dan Wahpepah, and Michael Vasquez

Divers with Salmon skin and bones in their hands — Lowitcha Falls-Rock (Buddy), son of Jack Falls-Rock, and Steve Kiesling, landowner at Ti’lomikh and ceremony sponsor.

Gary Vanderwall (RIP) leads the Divers out to the Falls.

Albert Pepe waits with other supporters to follow the Divers.

Supporters now follow the Divers, through the rough water and over slippery rocks.

We are Here! . . . watching the Divers go out and give back