Some Thoughts on the Importance of this Discovery, by Robert Brothers, Ph.D.

Scientifically-speaking, the simple fact of the linear connection between these three places would be regarded as evidence for the hypothesis that the Earth is alive, conscious, compassionate, and purposeful.
Personally, it is beyond amazing that Ti’lomikh is linked to Mount Lassen and Mount Shasta through Mount Ashland in this way.  We now have physical evidence for the idea that the Earthly body we live within has a spiritual as well as a physical anatomy.

The time and place of the Osprey’s message is evidence for both the truth and the importance of this Compassionate Earth hypothesis.  Ospreys migrate north and pass over the Siskiyou Crest every spring, so a volunteer was available to carry the message.  It was a bit more work for it, though, to fly up to 7,000 ft, as there are many passes available 1,500 ft. lower, and the I-5 Summit is 4,310.

We may now be moving into a phase when this story of the Compassionate Earth can be told … and heard.

The beauty of the ley line connection between these three places of power is that it is always there and can be examined by any one at any time, whereas other miracles are one-time events:  like when Windsong came out of deep meditation on the top a mountain, pounding the ground and singing the words given to her, “Mother I feel you!”;  or when wildfire smoke vanished from the Good Medicine Gathering in response to her prayers.

My own experiences that tie into all this go back many years.  I have personally witnessed miracles with each of the three places along the path of power that the Osprey confirmed.  My first spiritual experience, ever, was waking up from a dream of Mount Shasta to see it exactly as I saw it in the dream.  Hitching a ride with Tibor and Mikal back home from my first Rainbow Gathering in Arizona, I was napping in the open back of their pickup truck going up I-5.  While napping, in a dream I saw Mount Shasta looming big and tall over me so strongly that it woke me up!  I turned and saw the white snow peak of Mount Shasta looming over me above green trees.  I knew I was back home, and that Spirits knew it too, welcoming me, now that I had been opened.

On Mount Ashland, once in a heavy snow storm, I was inspired by the strong Spirit presence at the ceremony and called out, “Can you feel them!” …. Whereupon a big clump of snow dropped off of a nearby tree with a thump! of agreement, people looked up and smiled.

At Ti’lomikh, the Salmon that we saw at Ceremony’s end jumped up six feet from me.

I list these in the hopes that people may be inspired to share the kind of undeniable experiences of Spirit that have helped bring you this far.  I imagine that you have your own stories like I and others do as well. How can we support each other in fully learning that we have been chosen to receive these gifts, and that Spirit wants us to be able to receive more?

Perhaps working together on this painting process will help show us the way.