The first confirmation – Ti’lomikh Flyover, 8-25-2018

When I coordinated prayers for Peace with Earth ? and Wildfires ?  on August 25, 2018, Lauren Taylor felt called to go to Ti’lomikh, and an Osprey circled over her:

“I had been praying from my yard but got guidance to go to Ti’lomikh Falls and do it from there. The air was pretty clear when I arrived except for a huge plume of smoke coming from the northeast. After I called in support and anchored in the intention for balance, harmony, and peace among all elements, a huge Osprey came to circle overhead, and the energy shifted dramatically. Soon, that ominous plume receded. By late-afternoon, it was totally clear with blue skies and a cool breeze coming off the river.” (full text with video here)

Ti’lomikh Falls, Tom Doty, 10-5-14