Ti’lomikh has been nominated for the National Registry of Historic Places, and the State Historic Preservation Office and the USFS are interested in honoring the Ski Lodge in this way.

Another kind of recognition is also being sought for Ti’lomikh.  After getting the name of Power House Falls officially changed back to the original language, landowner Steve Kiesling has formed the Gold Hill White Water Center to host the 2028 Whitewater Olympics and, to do so, re-designing a river channel blasted by miner’s in the 1800s into a slalom course for Olympic kayaking.

Mount Ashland is know locally as a strong spiritual center.  Nancy Bloom has done many workshops and ceremonies at the top of the mountain, and tells enthusiastically how the energy from Mount Shasta can be felt so strongly there.

Mount Shasta is also widely recognized, internationally and by 7 local tribes, so much so that it has been officially declared the Mount Shasta Cosmological District by the national Advisory Council on Historic Preservation.

More info on Mount Lassen will follow.