Mount Ashland

We have been doing multi-cultural ceremonies for the Earth here since 2007.
Information about the first years of this ceremony can be found at

Here’s the Invocation:

Oh Mount Ashland, Ahl-ke-tah

Cloud catcher, snow holder, water giver.

Provider of perches for eagles, meadowlarks, hummingbirds, and bats.

Giver of soil to the givers of air: spruce, fir, pine and cedar; oak, maple, alder, and ash;  madrone, manzanita,  and willow.

Grower of grass for elk and deer.

Home to bear and coyote, mountain lion and bobcat,

fisher and fox, gopher and rattlesnake.


With trout and steelhead in your water,

with butterflies and dragonflies in your air,

with ants and beetles and worms in your earth,

and with compassion in the slow fires that move over you.

We give thanks to you,
We give thanks for you,
a Blessing from the Great Mystery.

And we pray that we can bless You today.

— Bobcat, 2007